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We are De Los Reyes and Company, Certified Public Accountants.

We have been working in this industry since 1982 as individual practitioners. In June 1999 our company was founded, with the objective of providing personalized accounting services to small- and medium-sized businesses. Over the years, we have assisted more than a hundred clients in different industries, most of which are still with us today.

In 2008, we became a General Professional Partnership and opened our doors to bigger challenges. Currently, our core competencies include accounting (bookkeeping and payroll, among others), auditing, tax and management consultancy, and business liaison services. We have also expanded our reach and now support companies whose main offices are located in the United States, Malaysia, and Singapore.

We value highly our relationships with our clients and work hard to satisfaction. We are dedicated in keeping your business records accurate. We persevere in our field work and make sure that you are always making the best financial decisions. These foundations are important to us: they are what have made us one of the most trusted accounting firms in the industry for the past fourteen years (and counting).

We consider ourselves your equal partner, and always act in your best interest. We are here to manage the financial demands of your business, with a thorough understanding and knowledge of tax laws and accounting practices. We watch over your numbers' well-being, so that you can dedicate yourself to the growth of your company.

We work in the spirit of transparency and honesty. We are very passionate about what we do, and we always strive to improve our objectives in line with the dynamic model of your business. We would love to develop a long-term relationship with you as we work together to bring about commercial and profitable possibilities.

Our Commitment



Our undertaking: to ensure that your business is tax smart.

We work in the background and take care of your papers, especially those that deal with cashflow. We keep an updated tax calendar and stick to payment schedules so that everything is always paid on time.

We also deliver scalibility in order to meet future demands—our services can be adjusted to perform in an increased capacity when the situation calls for it, and vice versa. We believe in reducing your cost of doing business (in legal ways) wherever possible.



We duly exercise an ethical and moral accounting practice. We believe that we have a responsibility as Certified Public Accountants to remind our clients of their duties as citizens to pay taxes, and make sure that books and records truly reflect correct and accurate financial information.

As auditors, we also put stress on our self-governance: the opinions we provide in any audit are made independently, regardless of pressure from any board or management.

We reserve the right to refuse our service to anyone who wants to circumvent the law and compromise our core values.



Our affordable fees are offered hand-in-hand with a promise of efficient accounting practices. We believe that each client is a priority, hence we offer the same quality service to each and every one of our clients, small and large entities alike.

To remain competitive in our industry, we continue our professional education by participating in the latest seminars and courses. We make sure that we are updated with the changes in an ever-evolving business environment, which includes new tax regulations, developments in accounting standards, and other key provisions from the government.

Our Partners

Our company’s most valuable asset is our people. We wouldn’t be where we are now if it weren’t for the commendable men and women who have worked long and hard to shape De Los Reyes & Co., CPAs to the business that it is today.
Ricky is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas, with more than 30 years of experience in accounting and audit services, as well as tax management and consultancy. He first worked for Carlos J. Valdes & Co., CPAs. He was Vice President of Finance at Prime Link Properties and Development Corporation until he established his own auditing firm in 1999. He has current accreditations with the Board of Accountancy (BOA), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Cooperatives Development Association (CDA).

He is a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountant (PICPA).
Cecile is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas, and was a former Budget Analyst for the Bureau of Small and Medium Industries. She also worked for the United Coconut Planters Bank as an Internal Auditor. She was a Senior Auditor at Asian Development Bank (ADB) for almost 25 years. Upon early retirement in 2006, she joined the company as a partner.

She is a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountant (PICPA).
Jimmy is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas, and has worked at Carlos J. Valdes & Co., CPAs. He was a Division Manager for College Assurance Plan (CAP) before he moved to Prudentialife Plans, where he became First Vice President. He decided to join the company in a limited capacity in 2008. Currently, he is a Director for USANA Health Sciences.

He is a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountant (PICPA).