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At De Los Reyes & Co., CPAs, our mission is to provide you with quality and personalized services that answer your problems promptly and efficiently. Our team works hard to stay competitive and competent, and we always improve on our objectives so they stay in line with the dynamic model of your business.

We are committed to be your essential partner in the management your business' accounting needs. We aim to develop a long-term relationship with you as we work together to bring about commercial and profitable possibilities.

Here are some of the benefits of getting an accountant:

We can help minimize your tax bill. Our goal is to help you save money. We make sure that you are paying the correct amount of taxes, and that you are not paying more than you have to. We show you how you can minimize your tax bill, and you are guaranteed that we have explored all legal ways on how to do so. As your CPA, we alert you on the latest tax cuts and also help you plan your taxes for the rest of the year.

We can save you valuable time. We understand that you need to focus on your business' profitability, instead of attending to accounting and tax documents. Leave that to us. As your CPA, we will take care of your accounts so you can spend more time taking care of your company. You don't have to worry anymore about missing deadlines and incurring penalties.

We can give you financial advice that fits your business. Because we know what's going on with your numbers, our input is invaluable and can help in making decisions that will push your company forward. The financial reports that we provide are objective and made without bias. As your CPA, we support you in wanting to grow your business better.


Anyone who starts a company soon finds out that he or she must learn how to do three crucial things: begin the business correctly and establish a process that works, manage administrative tasks and get familiarized with what goes on behind the scenes, and actually perform the service or build the product.

We find that most people get frustrated with the managing aspect, especially when it comes to dealing with numbers. As your business grows, so does your financial concerns. It is good to have an experienced CPA by your side as you face these various challenges.


Our bottom line has always been and will always be: getting the right information to the right people at the right time. When we sit down with prospective clients and listen to their problems, we immediately share with them possible solutions even without the presence of a signed engagement contract.

We get to know you first, so we can better provide a business solution that suits your financial capabilities. Our full range of services is designed with you in mind—we can be your accountant, bookkeeper, or external auditor, depending on your company's needs.


We respect your time. We have a dedicated staff assigned to your account so that you will get prompt replies to any of your questions. If you have any requests or queries that require detailed answers, we strive to get back to you within twenty-four hours of receiving your call or e-mail.

We are experienced. We have been in this business for more than thirty years. We have the proven track record of good service, and our clients have been with us for a long time. You won't have to worry about our skills—we have trained professionals at the forefront of our team. We get the job done, on time, every time.

Getting a Certified Public Accountant

1. Identify your needs.

Are you looking for help on:
• Answering summons from the BIR?
• Tax compliance and planning?
• An audit or review of financial statements?
• A business valuation?
• Setting up your business?

Identifying your most pressing concern helps determine what kind of service you need. In getting a CPA, a great fit would be someone whose expertise matches your requirements. It would also be preferable to get an accounting firm since it has the resources to serve you better.
2. Ask for referrals.

Seek out referrals from those you trust. Ask friends, business associates, and other professionals. However, proceed with caution – just because someone knows of a good CPA doesn't mean that the he or she is the proper fit for you.

You must also get a CPA who is duly accredited with the following:
• Board of Accountancy (BOA)
• Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
• Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
• Cooperative Development Authority (CDA)
3. Make a list of your concerns.

When you meet with a CPA, ask how he or she has assisted others who have similar circumstances as you. A good CPA should be able to provide examples but is careful enough not to reveal specific client transactions or other confidential data.

Depending on your requirements, does the CPA have the means to go to your office? Are you willing to pay for his or her out-of-pocket expenses if the location is far? Are you able to commit to the solutions he or she has proposed? These are some of the things that you need to consider first.
4. Observe your interaction.

How does he or she communicate?
• Does he or she lay things out in an organized and understandable format?
• Does he or she prefer e-mail, phone, or in-person meetings?
• How does he or she respond to your questions?

Because the CPA will be dealing with your company's confidential information, it is important that you are comfortable, that a rapport is present, even before a contract is signed. Is he or she professional and enthusiastic about having you as a potential client?